to give anyone the chance to get in the
spotlight, we develop a stage in form of transparent products.

the idea

we wanted to create a distinctive brand identity to a random product. so first we had to develop a product worth creating an identity and a website for. that’s how the idea of a transparent shoe came up.

the website

once figured out what the customer journey of our transparent shoe should look like, everything was about to create a website prototype which fits the brand.

how could we visualize the simplicity and the hidden potential behind transparent products?

plain, clean and simple were the keywords for this design concept.

get the ultimate feeling by checking out our website prototype here:

the shop

the analog sales concept closes the circle of the customer journey and resumes the brand values.

everyone should have the chance to experience our shoe in one of our stores. that’s why we chose a pop-up-store concept. to be right next to you, at least for a limited amount of time. as we say, it’s all about your unique way to perform. either you roll on stage on a ramp or you step on stage on stairs, everything that counts is that you get up there.

as no one likes to change socks so many times, the mirror in front of you will show you the socks you chose directly on your feet. that’s how we keep it simple and hygienic in our stores.

Benjamin Schalk

Noëmi Burkhalter