The Workbench is a rack for record players and amplifiers. Its aesthetic aim is to offer them a space to stand out. The bench creates the necessary space for someone who wants to take his time to play records.
The technical intention of the bench is to absorb disturbing vibrations that would otherwise reach the record player from its surroundings. The absorption works on the simple but effective principle of strong contrast. Light and heavy or fixed and flexible parts are eliminating the vibrations. All the furniture works with plugged connections. Only the feet are connected to each other, through a screwed construction.
In addition to its function, the Workbench provides the user a cable management solution. The surface structure of the concrete back wall helps to minimize clutter, by allowing the user to organize and route the cables. An extension cable adapted to the structure ensures less cable traffic right from the start.
The organizer – a powder coated metal sheet allows you to organize a small LP selection on the bench and keep it free from a mess. It comes unfolded, so you decide in which direction the bend goes.

Compared to normal concrete, lightweight concrete has a density range of 800-2000 kg/m3. This keeps the mass of the workbench low and makes it suitable for most floors in apartments and houses.
The surfaces appearance of the concrete elements from a far viewpoint are light-colored, plain and quiet. The interplay between slightly rough structured and smooth areas, reflects the light in different ways and makes the concrete to a vivid part of a room.
If you then take a closer look, little imperfections like air pockets and water splashes give even more life and character to the material.

The rubber material of the absorbers needs to suit a bunch of different expectations to its technical properties. The most important one is that it can absorb enough of the unwanted vibrations between floor, stands and platform. Further its important that the durability, under the weight of the concrete elements and a sufficient light resistance, is given.
The rubbers appearance in some color variations is a heterogeneous mixture of different colors inspired by recycled rubber or plastic materials.

I hope you enjoyed my project!
If you want to know more about it, feel free to contact me.
Timo Lanz