*A 2020 Ceramic Project

Every now and then, creative people are facing bigger or smaller challenges. The challenge in early 2020 is called lockdown.

From Home I was approaching a contemporary ceramic project without  the required infrastructure or resources to do so. 

Searching and processing lokal clay. Learning about the Topic. Designing and building a small and  portable Ceramic workshop. Challenging the Material into shapes and objects. Only with stuff around the house – For instance cardboard. Trial and error. Turning No access into Yes access. 

It’s not just about being able to actually use clay as the physical material in this project. It’s mostly about how designers from all around can adapt to certain situations and phases like this one. Due to the power of being creative. Despite having limited infrastructure, space and materials. To eventually create something relevant and long lasting from a totally new perspective.

YO! That’s me, Joel