«recycling in a playful way»


from childhood on we learn how to sort things. For that we have various points of references like forms, colors or structures. these references are what crease system is inspired from.


the mainly used materials are powder coated steel for the shell and polypropylene for the structured cover. the rough surface on the cover counteracts the shiny polypropylene.

the station

there are three main parts to build the station. the steel case, a metal frame which gives the stability and the injection molded cover. in addition to that, there are two wheels, one plate of wood and a magnetic mechanism to open and close the drawer.

the daily

six different parts build the daily. there’s the main part on the left side for the waste. to this part you’re able to add a compost section. to obviate the smell, there’s also a cover for this part of the bin. the middle part is for the paper while you can add the section for aluminium and PET on the right side. the daily is a modular system which can be adapted for your personal recycling situation.

plain and clean – the «decreased» color system will either brighten your medical practice or your gym.

not too dominant neither inconspicuous – the «creased» color system is perfect to fit your office room.

resistant and easy to clean – the «increased» color system will withstand everything at your school or kindergarten.

Benjamin Schalk