New rituals are created with my versatile coffee set, thanks to its unique appearance.

The process path in the ceramic bodies project led me from their properties, via tools, to cultural production methods. Japanese ceramics fascinated me the most. Its history, the different ovens, its rituals – the “beauty of the imperfect” inspired me. The Raku firing stands out in particular. A thoroughly handcrafted production process. Every product is unique. But unfortunately these characteristics are lost in industrial production. Not with me – I have found a way to make the products all have the same shape, but each one of them can be unique. The three products are formed by injection moulding and then fired and finished by hand in a raku oven. This procedure is also possible for black firing, for example. In addition, the set can be manufactured 100% industrially from porcelain. The set – a cup, a plate, a spoon – the swiss coffee ritual.

Which material would you choose?

RaKu ceramics

black firing ceramics

classical porcelain

The spoon

With a length of 10 cm it is slightly shorter than a classic coffee spoon. The head measures 3 x 3 cm and has a smaller area for sugar or milk. Because of the raku firing the material must be at least 5mm thick. Hence the individual shape of the spoon.

The cup

It has a circumference of 9 cm and a height of 7 cm. It contains 2.5 dl which is perfect for a classic coffee or milk coffee. The thickness of the material is also 5mm.

The plate

It has a diameter of 18 cm and has a recess for cup and spoon. The elevation against the edge of the plate provides a good handle.

The right packaging for your chosen set

Sarah Wyss
Industrial Design, 4. Semester
Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel

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